Where to stay when you go to Brunch In The Park?

Brunch-in-the-park Hotel-H
Brunch-in-the-park Hotel-H

Barcelona’s Brunch In The Park is approaching, and living far away can be an inconvenience that will make you miss one of the best events of the summer. But that has an easy and comfortable solution:  The suites with jacuzzi of Hotel H.


Hotel H is located less than 30 minutes away by car from Brunch In The Park.


So, if your residence is far from the event, we are the best and most comfortable solution. If you’d like to attend the event for a couple of days to the city, in Hotel H we offer you the comfort of our suites with jacuzzi at an unbeatable price.


In the Brunch In The Park you will be able to enjoy a Sunday full of experiences, you will be able to attend alone or with all your family, including the youngest of the house since you will find activities for all the ages. You will enjoy a different and pleasant Sunday.


In Hotel H you will be able to book our suites with jacuzzi or request our rooms by the hour service, this depends on the time of lodging that you wish to spend in Barcelona.


You may just be passing through Barcelona to attend Brunch In The Park, and you may not be planning on booking a room for an entire day, wanting to rest for a few hours, recharge your batteries, and return to the festival or airport at the end of the festival. If you want to rest for a couple of hours before heading back home, here you can do it with our rooms by the hour service.


If you want to stay longer, our suites with jacuzzi will make you enjoy a relaxing weekend. All the suites with jacuzzi are different, each suite has a jacuzzi totally different from the other, in which you can enjoy a few hours of quiet and intimate relaxation.


If you would like to do a round weekend at Brunch In The Park, do not hesitate to book one of our suites with jacuzzi to enjoy the weekend in style.

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