La primavera, un motivo para visitar Barcelona

Spring, a reason to visit Barcelona

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Barcelona has a special colour, or so says the song, but it doesn’t have just one, but Barcelona is a city known for its colours, especially during spring.


So if Barcelona is already beautiful at any time of the year, in spring it is worth a short getaway to come and see, smell, and feel Barcelona‘s spring.


The flower shops of the ramblas, the colourful mosaics of park Güell, the spectacular stained glass windows of all colours of the Sagrada Familia, the vegetation, the exciting and amusing attractions, and the incomparable views of the Barcelona that Tibidabo has…


And we’re not done yet, Barcelona is undoubtedly a city that, with the sun that begins to appear in spring, gains even more. We see that, with the arrival of spring, a light appears, which reflected in all these magnificent places in the city, gives it an even more beautiful and interesting colours to visit.


Our hotel near Barcelona is located in a small town called Granollers, located very close to the capital and also very interesting to visit, walk, and enjoy its beautiful landscape.


In Hotel H we provide you the best suite with jacuzzi very close to Barcelona, so that once you have enjoyed your day in Barcelona, you can rest the way your body deserves.


We all know that, many times, when you go visit a city during vacations, it ends being a couple more days of feeling tired instead of being able to rest and relax. That’s the main reason why in Hotel H, which is near Barcelona, we have suites with jacuzzi, ideal so that when you finish your long day of tourism, you can return to the hotel and rest and enjoy relaxation as you deserve during your holidays.

Now is the time, book your suite with jacuzzi in our hotel near Barcelona, and come spend some wonderful spring days in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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