El regalo más romántico para Sant Jordi

The most romantic gift for Sant Jordi

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Surprise your partner with a different gift during Sant Jordi and enjoy a very romantic experience in our suites with jacuzzi and romantic packs.

We know that Sant Jordi is the day of the book, and that tradition says that boys are given a book and girls a rose, but nowadays, lovers take advantage of this festivity so they can celebrate a romantic day as a couple and dedicate beautiful gifts or romantic details beyond the traditional books and roses.

In Hotel H we offer you a very romantic gift to celebrate Sant Jordi together, without having to worry about anything else: The Hotel H’s suites with jacuzzi. They are the perfect plan, as you will be able to spend an intimate night with your partner, relax, and spend time together, which is something that your daily routine routine does not tend to offer.

In addition to the suites with jacuzzi, in Hotel H we offer you romantic packs (additional to your reservation) that end up giving the most exciting and delicate touch to your encounter.

These romantic packs are the Romantic Pack and the Romantic Pack “lovers”, and they include: Decoration of the room with petals, bottle of cava, lambrusco or two combined drinks of your choosing, and heart-shaped sweets. The Romantic Pack “lovers” differs from the Romantic Pack by including condoms.

To purchase them just call Hotel H (at least 2 hours before your arrival) and we will take care of everything.

If, for some reason, you can not enjoy a full night in our suites with jacuzzi, do not worry, as Hotel H has room service by the hour where you’ll only pay for what you enjoy. The option of rooms by the hour is also applicable to our suites with jacuzzi, so if you want to come and spend the afternoon in one of our rooms by the hour and celebrate Sant Jordi in the most romantic way, you can also do it in one of our suites with jacuzzi.

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