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Hoteles Valles Oriental

The Vallès Oriental hotels have the advantage of being located in a quiet interior region of the autonomous community of Catalonia. A region belonging to the province of Barcelona, ​​and its capital is Granollers, where there is diversity of hotels for different audiences, but also for all types of pockets.

And it is often not necessary to spend much to go with your partner or family and rest, for example, in a concept of Boutique Hotel. With a low cost room service or our comfortable suites for you and your partner, or for your family. Cozy, modern and functional rooms.

But let’s talk a little about the advantages of staying in a hotel, unlike an apartment:

24 hour customer service


In a hotel you have it insured with the receptionist, something that in a private lodging not necessarily. Any inconvenience or urgency you have at your disposal someone who serves you.

Guaranteed hygiene


You will have at your disposal the possibility of leaving your room as you want because, if you wish, you will have it clean and tidy when you return.

Habitat experience


Many times, there are hotels that make up an environment not only of comfort but also a rewarding experience, either because they have a patio of lights, a garden or a room to disconnect.

Breakfast insured


If you want to charge yourself with energy in the mornings without depending on doing everything yourself and on top of it with a varied bine menu, we all know that a hotel offers you that service without worrying about anything.

Quiet to disconnect


Many times, a hotel stay offers you the silence that a private apartment does not guarantee. Well, in the hotel sector, many hotels are concerned that their customers are not exposed to environmental, external or other room noise. That is, being able to rest well even if the hotel is in the center of a big city. In the Vallès Oriental, our hotel, being separated, will assure you tranquility.

Additional services


A massage, a Wi-Fi zone, a swimming pool, a massage, sauna, are services that a hotel usually offers you, something that you can enjoy apart from the fundamental services offered by a hotel accommodation.

Cheap Vallès Oriental hotels


Our Hotel H in Granollers, offers you everything that an apartment does not guarantee, whether you come as a couple or with your family. Near Barcelona city. And at a very affordable price.

A quiet area where you can disconnect and receive a good and quality treatment. What are you waiting for? When you pass through Granollers, come with us, come to Hotel H.

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