Hotel Barcelona para el día del trabajador

Hotel Barcelona for worker’s day

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At last, the day which represents us is approaching, the day of the worker. We finally get to enjoy a well deserved rest. In Hotel H, we see no better option than spending a nice evening in our hotel in Barcelona with suites with jacuzzi.


We know that on this year it falls on a Wednesday, and that celebrating a day during the middle of the week seems more complicated. But now there are no valid excuses, a night in a hotel in Barcelona is our reward for every day of the year that we have spent working hard, getting up early, and/or arrive home late, the reward for all these days where we end up with headache, backache or both, ending the weeks tired, starting every Monday wanting Friday to already arrive, and every Sunday seeing going to bed as a chore.


For all these reasons and a thousand more which you probably are thinking about as you read this article, we want to propose a celebration as the occasion deserves, a night in a hotel in Barcelona, but not just at any hotel, in Hotel H we suggest you to enjoy a stay in a hotel in Barcelona with spectacular suites with Jacuzzi, to enjoy and relax, as you deserve, and with total intimacy to romantically enjoy the experience which our suites with jacuzzi can offer.


In addition to the suites with jacuzzi, in our hotel in Barcelona, we offer the possibility of enjoying this experience in a suite with jacuzzi, but with the system of rooms by the hour, paying only for the hours that you will spend enjoying our suites with jacuzzi.

With rooms by the hour system, there is no valid excuse, a day is a day, and a few hours are only a few hours.


If you don’t feel like enjoying the rooms by the hour system and you are not sure on what to do during this special Wednesday, worry not, as you can postpone or bring forward the celebration of the worker’s day and come on a Friday or Saturday instead to enjoy our suites with jacuzzi.

Don’t think twice and contact us to make your reservation!

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