El hotel ideal para tus vacaciones de verano

Summer holidays are approaching, and at Hotel H, we are already prepared to welcome you on your summer holidays.

Don’t have a hotel for your summer holidays yet?

If you don’t know where to stay, you are at the right place. At Hotel H we offer you a wide range of possibilities. Here you will be able to enjoy your so desired summer holidays, and in the best possible way. Or if you don’t want to spend the whole day in our hotel, you can just stay for a couple of hours, allowing you to relax for a cheaper price with our rooms by the hour.

Summer is approaching, and so are your holidays and the desire to disconnect.

If what you are looking for is evading that routine that has us so absorbed, in Hotel H you will be able to do it thanks to our suites with jacuzzi and the rooms by hours. In them you will be able to enjoy the maximum comfort, since you will be able to enjoy our wonderful and unique jacuzzis already integrated in the suites.  Each suite with jacuzzi is unique, with it you can enjoy the special charm that characterizes them.

If you are looking for absolute relaxation in order to disconnect, we recommend you to spend your disconnection days in our suites with jacuzzi. We have a wide variety of suites with jacuzzi, you are sure to find the one that best suits your tastes.

In case you are passing through Barcelona and need to rest or disconnect for a few hours, the rooms by the hour are the best option. In it you will be able to enjoy the same comforts that a suite with jacuzzi offers you. You also have the option of making a direct reservation the same day you arrive.


If you have decided to spend your summer holidays with us at Hotel H, do not forget to make your reservation, we do not want you to miss this wonderful experience.


To contact us just call us on +34 93 860 66 88 / 633 477 988 or contact us via email info@hotelh.es and we will offer you all the information you need with no commitment.

Tu hotel cerca del Salón Del Automóvil

The Automobile Lounge is about to begin in Barcelona, and from Hotel H, we want to offer you our best rooms as a hotel near the Automobile Lounge.


Hotel H is a hotel near the Automobile Lounge, meaning that it’s going to be be ideal for you if you are looking for a place where to stay in during the celebration of the Automobile Lounge.


The Automobile Lounge will take place in Barcelona from the 11th to the 19th of May, and like all fairs and shows, both for exhibitors and visitors, these events tend to be very tiring, and at the end of the day you just have a giant desire to get to your hotel to rest.

For this reason we know that what you need is a hotel near the Automobile Lounge, but if in addition to having the hotel near the Automobile Lounge you have reserved a suite with Jacuzzi for your stay, your passage through Barcelona to the Automobile Lounge is going to be excellent.


At Hotel H we offer to all those who are looking for a hotel near the Automobile Lounge he best suites with jacuzzi in the city.

Our suites with Jacuzzi are characterized for being spacious rooms, with an elegant, modern and modern decoration, extra-large beds and spacious and dynamic Jacuzzi.


In our hotel near the Automobile Lounge, besides offering you the most spectacular suites with jacuzzi, we offer and have all kinds of services: Wifi, coffee services, payment bar, air conditioning, individual heating, private bathroom, a safe.


Also, if after the whole day in the Automobile you are tired and don’t want to go out to dinner, and the only thing you want is to go to your suite with jacuzzi, in our hotel near the Automobile Lounge you will be able to eat what you want, no matter what time it is, since our kitchen is open 24h.

Don’t think twice, if you are looking for a hotel near the Automobile Lounge, Hotel H and our suites with jacuzzi are all you need.

Hotel Barcelona para el día del trabajador

At last, the day which represents us is approaching, the day of the worker. We finally get to enjoy a well deserved rest. In Hotel H, we see no better option than spending a nice evening in our hotel in Barcelona with suites with jacuzzi.


We know that on this year it falls on a Wednesday, and that celebrating a day during the middle of the week seems more complicated. But now there are no valid excuses, a night in a hotel in Barcelona is our reward for every day of the year that we have spent working hard, getting up early, and/or arrive home late, the reward for all these days where we end up with headache, backache or both, ending the weeks tired, starting every Monday wanting Friday to already arrive, and every Sunday seeing going to bed as a chore.


For all these reasons and a thousand more which you probably are thinking about as you read this article, we want to propose a celebration as the occasion deserves, a night in a hotel in Barcelona, but not just at any hotel, in Hotel H we suggest you to enjoy a stay in a hotel in Barcelona with spectacular suites with Jacuzzi, to enjoy and relax, as you deserve, and with total intimacy to romantically enjoy the experience which our suites with jacuzzi can offer.


In addition to the suites with jacuzzi, in our hotel in Barcelona, we offer the possibility of enjoying this experience in a suite with jacuzzi, but with the system of rooms by the hour, paying only for the hours that you will spend enjoying our suites with jacuzzi.

With rooms by the hour system, there is no valid excuse, a day is a day, and a few hours are only a few hours.


If you don’t feel like enjoying the rooms by the hour system and you are not sure on what to do during this special Wednesday, worry not, as you can postpone or bring forward the celebration of the worker’s day and come on a Friday or Saturday instead to enjoy our suites with jacuzzi.

Don’t think twice and contact us to make your reservation!

El regalo más romántico para Sant Jordi

Surprise your partner with a different gift during Sant Jordi and enjoy a very romantic experience in our suites with jacuzzi and romantic packs.

We know that Sant Jordi is the day of the book, and that tradition says that boys are given a book and girls a rose, but nowadays, lovers take advantage of this festivity so they can celebrate a romantic day as a couple and dedicate beautiful gifts or romantic details beyond the traditional books and roses.

In Hotel H we offer you a very romantic gift to celebrate Sant Jordi together, without having to worry about anything else: The Hotel H’s suites with jacuzzi. They are the perfect plan, as you will be able to spend an intimate night with your partner, relax, and spend time together, which is something that your daily routine routine does not tend to offer.

In addition to the suites with jacuzzi, in Hotel H we offer you romantic packs (additional to your reservation) that end up giving the most exciting and delicate touch to your encounter.

These romantic packs are the Romantic Pack and the Romantic Pack “lovers”, and they include: Decoration of the room with petals, bottle of cava, lambrusco or two combined drinks of your choosing, and heart-shaped sweets. The Romantic Pack “lovers” differs from the Romantic Pack by including condoms.

To purchase them just call Hotel H (at least 2 hours before your arrival) and we will take care of everything.

If, for some reason, you can not enjoy a full night in our suites with jacuzzi, do not worry, as Hotel H has room service by the hour where you’ll only pay for what you enjoy. The option of rooms by the hour is also applicable to our suites with jacuzzi, so if you want to come and spend the afternoon in one of our rooms by the hour and celebrate Sant Jordi in the most romantic way, you can also do it in one of our suites with jacuzzi.

Tu hotel para Semana Santa

If you are planning your holidays for Easter, in this post we want to tell you why Hotel H is the ideal hotel for Easter.

It’s located near Barcelona, making you able to visit the beautiful city and its surroundings. Barcelona is a very interesting city, full of historical and cultural places to visit, thousands of restaurants with excellent Mediterranean cuisine, or from around the world.

The ideal hotel for Easter is one that is close to Barcelona, but not inside. There are two reasons for this:

1.The hotel for Easter you are looking for must be affordable, without having to sacrifice comfort and excellent facilities. Hotel H is a hotel for Easter that has very affordable prices while having rooms and services worthy of a 5-star hotel.

2.The other main characteristic that a hotel for Easter should have is tranquillity. Holidays are for strolling and getting to know and visiting new places while having a quiet and relaxed hotel, where you can rest and disconnect. Barcelona is very interesting, but at the end of the day, the large tourist agglomerations can become overwhelmed and tired. That’s why when you look for a hotel for Easter, it’s interesting to take into account the moments of relaxation.

Hotel H is the ideal hotel for Easter for relaxing, not only because of the tranquillity offered by the quiet and beautiful city of Granollers, but also because of our well-known suites with jacuzzi.

In the suites with jacuzzi you will find your moment of rest and enjoyment of the day, completing your holidays with a relaxing bubble bath.

Perhaps, when we name the suites with jacuzzi you imagine the opposite of what comes to be an economic room, as we said before. But in Hotel H, we get the perfect combination to enjoy your hotel for Easter: The best suites with jacuzzi at an incredible price.

La primavera, un motivo para visitar Barcelona

Barcelona has a special colour, or so says the song, but it doesn’t have just one, but Barcelona is a city known for its colours, especially during spring.


So if Barcelona is already beautiful at any time of the year, in spring it is worth a short getaway to come and see, smell, and feel Barcelona‘s spring.


The flower shops of the ramblas, the colourful mosaics of park Güell, the spectacular stained glass windows of all colours of the Sagrada Familia, the vegetation, the exciting and amusing attractions, and the incomparable views of the Barcelona that Tibidabo has…


And we’re not done yet, Barcelona is undoubtedly a city that, with the sun that begins to appear in spring, gains even more. We see that, with the arrival of spring, a light appears, which reflected in all these magnificent places in the city, gives it an even more beautiful and interesting colours to visit.


Our hotel near Barcelona is located in a small town called Granollers, located very close to the capital and also very interesting to visit, walk, and enjoy its beautiful landscape.


In Hotel H we provide you the best suite with jacuzzi very close to Barcelona, so that once you have enjoyed your day in Barcelona, you can rest the way your body deserves.


We all know that, many times, when you go visit a city during vacations, it ends being a couple more days of feeling tired instead of being able to rest and relax. That’s the main reason why in Hotel H, which is near Barcelona, we have suites with jacuzzi, ideal so that when you finish your long day of tourism, you can return to the hotel and rest and enjoy relaxation as you deserve during your holidays.

Now is the time, book your suite with jacuzzi in our hotel near Barcelona, and come spend some wonderful spring days in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Hotel H tu hotel en Granollers

Hotel H has a perfect location if you have to travel through the Vallès Oriental area and need a hotel in Granollers.


The hotel in Granollers is a three minute drive from one of the most touristy spots in the area: The MGP Circuit in Montmeló.


It is also very close to the Catalan capital, Barcelona, as the hotel in Granollers is 20 minutes away from it.


Hotel H is 6 minutes away by car from the centre of Granollers, so once you have stayed at our hotel in Granollers, you will be able to quickly get closer to the centre and enjoy the beautiful city.

But when it’s time to rest, you’ll be able to enjoy the tranquillity that the outskirts of a hotel in Granollers offers.


In addition, with the hotel’s suites with jacuzzi in Granollers, it won’t matter where the hotel is located, as you won’t want to leave your room.


Another advantage of our hotel in Granollers, is that you can enjoy the suites with jacuzzi at a Price which is so affordable that you can enjoy the trip to the fullest without having to worry how much you owe us.

Being able to save in your hotel in Granollers is always something to be thankful for, as it allows you to continue your stay without any further worries and even allows you to indulge in a whim or two more. Choosing a expensive hotel in Granollers is no longer an option.


And, of course, the comfort of enjoying a good and comfortable room or even a suite with jacuzzi won’t be renounced.


If you are planning your trip to Barcelona or the Vallès – Vallès Oriental area, don’t think twice, your hotel in Granollers is called Hotel H. Make your reservation and start saving on your trip.


We know that your experience in our suite with jacuzzi will be unforgettable, you’ll only be thinking about staying in our hotel forever!

suites con jacuzzi

Hotel H is known throughout Catalonia for its suites with jacuzzi. Those who are used to travelling and sleeping away from home will know that more hotels have suites with jacuzzies but few are worth the trouble.


For this reason, at Hotel H we want to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients by offering suites with jacuzzi with the satisfaction of a 5-star hotel.

The suites with jacuzzi are spacious rooms with extra large beds which have soft sheets, large bathrooms with bathtubs, with a high hygiene standard.


What we stated previously aside, our suites with jacuzzi have services such as: coffee service, paying bar, air conditioning, individual heating, a safe, private and free parking, room service 24 hours a day, etc.

Not only do we offer suites with jacuzzi with features similar to a luxury hotel, but we also have the most competitive prices in the market. That is why we offer our clients high quality suites with jacuzzi with high quality features and services at very affordable prices.


You will also be able to combine the reservation of yoursuites with jacuzzi with some of our packs and offers, to finish perfecting your stay in Hotel H.


These packs and offers give you the possibility of adding services such as:

Decoration of the room with petals.

Bottle of cava or Lambrusco, or 2 combined drinks of your choosing.

Heart-shaped sweets.



All this with a starting price of 20€ per pack.

To enjoy these packs and offers in your suite with jacuzzi, you only have to ask the hotel two hours in advance, so that they have time get all your requests ready in your suite with jacuzzi.


We are waiting for you in Hotel H with the best rooms with jacuzzi in Catalonia at very affordable prices.

Gastronomía en Hotel H Granollers

If you are thinking about coming and spending a couple days in our hotel in Granollers, we’d like to inform you about one of our strongest facilities: our Bar – Restaurant open 24h.

In Hotel H Granollers we have a magnificent bar, where you can have as much breakfast as you want for 8€, as it’s a free buffet. The breakfast schedule is from 7-12h (am).

You will find all kinds of pasta, toast, sausage, cereals, chocolates, juices, and coffees.

Apart from that, there is our bar-restaurant, which you will find open 24h during the 7 days of the week, where you will be able to taste plentiful of hot dishes such as: pasta, pizza, rice, paellas…

Our carte:


  • Margherita: Tomato and mozzarella cheese.
  • Bolognese: Tomato, minced meat, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Prosciutto – funghi: Tomato, cooked ham, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Diavola: Tomato, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Quattro formaggi: Tomato, Roquefort, Emmental, Parmesan, and Mozzarella cheese.
  • Speciale: 
  • Tonno: Tomato, tuna, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Hawaiian: Tomato, cooked ham, pineapple, and mozzarella cheese.

Pasta and rice

  • Tagliatelle ai Funghi
  • Tagliatelle alla Marinera
  • Maccherini alla Bolognese
  • Ravioli with Pesto
  • Spaghetti alla Bolognese
  • Spaghetti alla Carbonara
  • Ravioli fiorntina
  • Tortelloni ricotta and spinaci
  • Ravioli ai tre formaggi
  • Cannelloni di carne
  • Lasagne di carne
  • Risotto ai Funghi

Paellas and fideuàs

  • Valencian Paella
  • Mixed Paella
  • Paella black rice
  • Seafood Paella
  • Paella del Señortio.
  • Vegetable Paella.
  • Fideguay.
  • Fideuà of seafood.

In addition to all these delicious dishes we just mentioned, we have all the drinks you can imagine.

We can assure you that at our bar – restaurant, where you can eat at any time of the day, either at night or during the day, is next to the rooms by the hour and suites with jacuzzi, one of our star services.

Remember to book in your night in a suites with jacuzzi, or if you cannot stay for the whole night, you can choose our rooms by the hour and spend a good stay in Granollers, enjoying our varied menu in the bar – restaurant.

Porque escoger una habitación por horas

In Hotel H in Granollers one of the most requested services is the room by the hour. In this post we want to tell you about all of its advantages in order to make the most of your stay at our hotel in Granollers.

The main advantage is the economic one, that is to say, if you only want to use the room for a couple of hours… why do you have to pay for an entire night? In Hotel H we have special rates for rooms by the hour, from 30€/3h, this way you save the cost of a whole night.

Another of the qualities is its discretion. If you are only staying for only a couple of hours at our hotel, it is unlikely that those around you will miss you. In addition, at Hotel H in Granollers we are known for our discretion, guaranteeing that, by reservating a room by the hour, you will have absolute privacy. In addition, our location is perfect as it is just outside the city of Granollers.

Our rooms by the hour are very practical for resting moments like naps or breaks during your trips, since many times we are out of our house and we need to find a safe and calm corner to rest. With the rooms by the hour in Granollers it will not be necessary to program your reservation, nor force you to reserve the whole night, you will be able to present yourself directly, at the hotel (according to availability of the hotel), and to enjoy your well-deserved rest.

Our so requested suites with jacuzzi also have the possibility of booking by the hour, so you do not have to resign yourself to a standard room just because you wanted a room by the hour. With Hotel H, you will be able to enjoy the hours that you need in an excellent suites with jacuzzi without having to reserve and pay for an entire nightI You will feel the comfort and rest that a suite with jacuzzi provides you near Barcelona.

One of the services that can be very practical is the free wifi. Although it may seem irrelevant, if you need a quiet and comfortable stay for a few hours in order to dedicate them, for example, to your work, with our wifi you will be able to browse and work from your laptop in your room by the hour. We also have: coffee services, paying bar, air conditioning, individual heating, private bathroom, a safe, private and free parking, room service 24 hours a day, etc… What else could you be asking for?

For all these advantages and more, we guarantee that your visit at Hotel H near Barcelona -whether it’s just a few hours or during the whole day- will be a relaxing, comfortable, and a fun experience.