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Hoteles Valles Oriental

The Vallès Oriental hotels have the advantage of being located in a quiet interior region of the autonomous community of Catalonia. A region belonging to the province of Barcelona, ​​and its capital is Granollers, where there is diversity of hotels for different audiences, but also for all types of pockets.

And it is often not necessary to spend much to go with your partner or family and rest, for example, in a concept of Boutique Hotel. With a low cost room service or our comfortable suites for you and your partner, or for your family. Cozy, modern and functional rooms.

But let’s talk a little about the advantages of staying in a hotel, unlike an apartment:

24 hour customer service


In a hotel you have it insured with the receptionist, something that in a private lodging not necessarily. Any inconvenience or urgency you have at your disposal someone who serves you.

Guaranteed hygiene


You will have at your disposal the possibility of leaving your room as you want because, if you wish, you will have it clean and tidy when you return.

Habitat experience


Many times, there are hotels that make up an environment not only of comfort but also a rewarding experience, either because they have a patio of lights, a garden or a room to disconnect.

Breakfast insured


If you want to charge yourself with energy in the mornings without depending on doing everything yourself and on top of it with a varied bine menu, we all know that a hotel offers you that service without worrying about anything.

Quiet to disconnect


Many times, a hotel stay offers you the silence that a private apartment does not guarantee. Well, in the hotel sector, many hotels are concerned that their customers are not exposed to environmental, external or other room noise. That is, being able to rest well even if the hotel is in the center of a big city. In the Vallès Oriental, our hotel, being separated, will assure you tranquility.

Additional services


A massage, a Wi-Fi zone, a swimming pool, a massage, sauna, are services that a hotel usually offers you, something that you can enjoy apart from the fundamental services offered by a hotel accommodation.

Cheap Vallès Oriental hotels


Our Hotel H in Granollers, offers you everything that an apartment does not guarantee, whether you come as a couple or with your family. Near Barcelona city. And at a very affordable price.

A quiet area where you can disconnect and receive a good and quality treatment. What are you waiting for? When you pass through Granollers, come with us, come to Hotel H.

Vacaciones en Setiembre y todavía no tiene hotel

We begin at September, which is when workers which have saved their days off in order to spend their holidays in Barcelona start looking for an hotel to stay in.


We know that some of them wait until the last minute to book their holidays, and are currently looking for travel offers or browsing Google Maps in search of the ideal area where to look for accommodation.


If you are one of them, with Hotel H you will not have to look any further, as we are a magnificent hotel near Barcelona in a very quiet area and with the best facilities.

All this, for your holidays in Barcelona, at an unbeatable price!


In our hotel we offer everything you need to relax, disconnect, stroll, and get to know the city of Barcelona and the beautiful and romantic towns that surround it.


The hotel is located in the magical town of Granollers, less than 20 minutes away from Barcelona.

So if you decide to spend your holidays in Barcelona, your best option is to enjoy the tranquillity and comfort of a hotel on the outskirts, so you can disconnect from the agglomerations and hubbub of the city, being at peace.

And what better place than in Granollers, a place where everyone which is spending their holidays in Barcelona wants to visit at some point in their journey.


Our hotel rooms are fully equipped and are in the best conditions, so you remember your holidays in Barcelona for the rest of your life.

In the suites with jacuzzi you will find an enormous and comfortable bed, with a whirlpool bathtub from which you will not want to leave during your stay.


If you have already decided and want to spend your holidays, or want us to provide more information on prices, location or services of the hotel, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Brunch-in-the-park Hotel-H

Barcelona’s Brunch In The Park is approaching, and living far away can be an inconvenience that will make you miss one of the best events of the summer. But that has an easy and comfortable solution:  The suites with jacuzzi of Hotel H.


Hotel H is located less than 30 minutes away by car from Brunch In The Park.


So, if your residence is far from the event, we are the best and most comfortable solution. If you’d like to attend the event for a couple of days to the city, in Hotel H we offer you the comfort of our suites with jacuzzi at an unbeatable price.


In the Brunch In The Park you will be able to enjoy a Sunday full of experiences, you will be able to attend alone or with all your family, including the youngest of the house since you will find activities for all the ages. You will enjoy a different and pleasant Sunday.


In Hotel H you will be able to book our suites with jacuzzi or request our rooms by the hour service, this depends on the time of lodging that you wish to spend in Barcelona.


You may just be passing through Barcelona to attend Brunch In The Park, and you may not be planning on booking a room for an entire day, wanting to rest for a few hours, recharge your batteries, and return to the festival or airport at the end of the festival. If you want to rest for a couple of hours before heading back home, here you can do it with our rooms by the hour service.


If you want to stay longer, our suites with jacuzzi will make you enjoy a relaxing weekend. All the suites with jacuzzi are different, each suite has a jacuzzi totally different from the other, in which you can enjoy a few hours of quiet and intimate relaxation.


If you would like to do a round weekend at Brunch In The Park, do not hesitate to book one of our suites with jacuzzi to enjoy the weekend in style.


Coming to the 2019 summer Festival de les Arts and have no idea where to stay? In Hotel H you will find the best rooms by the hour to relax and enjoy a couple days of total disconnection.


The location of our hotel is only 30 minutes away (by car) from the Festival de les Arts, so you can come and go from the festival to the hotel in no time, allowing you to have plenty of time to enjoy a nice rest and relax through our suites with jacuzzi.


If you just want to rest for a couple of hours so you can recover the energy lost both in the festival and in the flight, Hotel H is ideal for recharging and relaxing in our rooms by the hour service.


We know that traveling is tiring and that many times, if we have to go somewhere after having a long trip, our body starts begging us for a little rest, so we need that relaxing time in a room by the hour to recover ourselves and wake up all ready and energized for the day.


For this reason, at Hotel H, we offer the rooms by the hour service, because pretty often we do not really need to reserve a room for an entire day when we just want to sleep for a couple of hours. Well, here at Hotel H you’ll find and have it.


If what you are looking for is to spend a few days disconnecting and enjoying the music, in Hotel H you will get it, since in our suites with jacuzzi you will be able to relax after a long day of intense emotions.


If you have already decided and want to enjoy even more with us and our suites with jacuzzi, do not hesitate and book your room, we will make sure everything is perfect for your disconnection and relaxation.


Do not waste time and call us now on +34 93 360 66 88 / 633 477 988 not to run out of your suite, you can also send us an email to info@hotelh.es, we will be happy to assist you.

Disfruta de las playas de Barcelona con Hotel H

Would you like to enjoy the wonderful beach of Barcelona next to Hotel H? Don’t think twice!

Barceloneta is the beach of choice for young people, full of bars where you can relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

The beaches of Barcelona have always had a great reputation, because during summer, it’s filled with people seeking tranquility and peace of mind.

One of the best qualities of Hotel H is its location, as it is close to the beach, but also, the height of our hotel is high enough so when you book your suites with jacuzzi, you can relax and be totally at peace.

Barceloneta is also well known for the fun and for its sports equipment (volleyball courts, table tennis tables, an outdoor gym …). Being the oldest beach in Barcelona, it is also the most complete.

After spending a great day by having a wonderful time on the beach, Hotel H offers you a few rooms by the hour, so you can rest quietly. All the rooms by the hour of hotel H are tailored to the client’s taste. What they request, they will have it. If what you want is a jacuzzi with hydromassage and a mini bar, or what you rather is simply a place to rest with air conditioning, you also have it with Hotel H. Don’t miss the suites with jacuzzi, it’s a great option!

Come and enjoy the fantastic beaches of Barcelona with us, give yourself a break from the routine. The best place to disconnect, be it for a couple of hours with our rooms by the hour service or the time you want in our suites with jacuzzi, here, in Hotel H.

La Barceloneta is one of the most special neighborhoods of Barcelona, it has a very strong feeling, many of those who go, no longer want to leave.

Contact us without any commitment, summer is here to enjoy it and with Hotel H that is guaranteed.

Los Word Roller Games

Experience the world’s largest wheeled sports event with us at Hotel H and itsrooms by the hour.


If you need a hotel to stay during its course, the rooms by the hour or the suites with jacuzzi of Hotel H are your solution.


These are the Word Roller games, which are being held in Barcelona. 11 world championships in a single event, where more than 4000 athletes will be seen in action for 11 days, from 4th to 14th of July 2019.


During these days, the stars of the sport on wheels worldwide will be in Barcelona to participate in the event. There’s no reason to miss this event and so what better option than to stay close to it thanks to Hotel H.


During said days you will be able to enjoy some great offers, which you can easily access to from our website. If you want to book in or need more information regarding them, just contact us through a form that will appear in our offers section. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy all the services of Hotel H, like our rooms by the hour and the rooms with jacuzzi.


Do not miss this opportunity, after spending an entire day watching the Word Roller Games, you surely will want to rest for a bit, and our rooms by the hour is the perfect way to do it.


Hotel H is open 365 days a year for 24 hours, so there is no excuse.  Get a romantic pack and enjoy  rooms with jacuzzi.


The biggest sporting event is in Barcelona and with Hotel H, there is no better plan!


Relax for as long as you need with our rooms with jacuzzi and then enjoy the stars of the Word Roller Games.


Discover our rooms by the hour in Hotel H, for 30 euros/3 hours. We guarantee the utmost discretion and privacy while you enjoy your stay in total tranquility. With us, you can have multiple services 24 hours a day.


Enjoy your intimate stay in our rooms by the hour or/and in our rooms with jacuzzi, do not worry about anything, we take care.


Contact us without any commitment, the Word Roller Games will be in Barcelona very soon, and we do not want you to come without a hotel where you can stay during these dates.

Hotel H su hotel para San Juan

A festive day like Saint Joan in Barcelona is known as one of the biggest festivals of the year, with an energized atmosphere and with streets full of fireworks and firecrackers, so in today’s blog we will tell you why Hotel H is your hotel for Sant Joan.


The day of Sant Joan is a celebration about the beginning of the summer, so why not celebrate it in the most beautiful hotel in Barcelona. Hotel H is your hotel for Sant Joan, we offer you the best prices so that, on this special day, you can enjoy it in the most beautiful city.


Hotel H is your hotel for Sant Joan, because we offer the best deals and it’s the right place for, after a long night of partying in Barcelona, relax and disconnect in our suites with jacuzzi.


Sant Joan is also a very romantic party, so celebrating in Hotel H with your partner and enjoying the fireworks and the views from the windows of our suites with jacuzzi, is an ideal plan.


If you don’t have enough time ti enjoy your evening, don’t worry, as we also offer the rooms by the hour service, so you only have to pay for the time you want to stay and enjoy.


The sun reaches its highest point, before it starts to fall, the bonfires and Fireworks will give you strength. With our rooms by the hour in Hotel H, you can watch the sun rise with a wonderful hydromassage bath of our suites with jacuzzi.


Barcelona is the best place to spend Sant Joan’s day, with Hotel H you have the perfect break to enjoy your holidays. With Hotel H you will have everything you need in every moment, with a modern decoration and elegance, we are definitely your hotel for Sant Joan.


If what you are looking for is having the time of your life during Sant Joan, be it with your partner, family or friends, Hotel H and our suites with jacuzzi are your hotel for Sant Joan.

We also have a wide variety of suites with jacuzzi for you to enjoy with the comforts of a luxury hotel, at an affordable price.


To celebrate the Sant Joan’s eve, which is one of the most beautiful events of the year, we offer you to spend it in the best circumstances and the best accommodation in Barcelona, with Hotel H you will have everything you need to enjoy this special day.


Do not miss this incredible experience, contact us to make your reservation and let yourself go.

El hotel ideal para tus vacaciones de verano

Summer holidays are approaching, and at Hotel H, we are already prepared to welcome you on your summer holidays.

Don’t have a hotel for your summer holidays yet?

If you don’t know where to stay, you are at the right place. At Hotel H we offer you a wide range of possibilities. Here you will be able to enjoy your so desired summer holidays, and in the best possible way. Or if you don’t want to spend the whole day in our hotel, you can just stay for a couple of hours, allowing you to relax for a cheaper price with our rooms by the hour.

Summer is approaching, and so are your holidays and the desire to disconnect.

If what you are looking for is evading that routine that has us so absorbed, in Hotel H you will be able to do it thanks to our suites with jacuzzi and the rooms by hours. In them you will be able to enjoy the maximum comfort, since you will be able to enjoy our wonderful and unique jacuzzis already integrated in the suites.  Each suite with jacuzzi is unique, with it you can enjoy the special charm that characterizes them.

If you are looking for absolute relaxation in order to disconnect, we recommend you to spend your disconnection days in our suites with jacuzzi. We have a wide variety of suites with jacuzzi, you are sure to find the one that best suits your tastes.

In case you are passing through Barcelona and need to rest or disconnect for a few hours, the rooms by the hour are the best option. In it you will be able to enjoy the same comforts that a suite with jacuzzi offers you. You also have the option of making a direct reservation the same day you arrive.


If you have decided to spend your summer holidays with us at Hotel H, do not forget to make your reservation, we do not want you to miss this wonderful experience.


To contact us just call us on +34 93 860 66 88 / 633 477 988 or contact us via email info@hotelh.es and we will offer you all the information you need with no commitment.

Tu hotel cerca del Salón Del Automóvil

The Automobile Lounge is about to begin in Barcelona, and from Hotel H, we want to offer you our best rooms as a hotel near the Automobile Lounge.


Hotel H is a hotel near the Automobile Lounge, meaning that it’s going to be be ideal for you if you are looking for a place where to stay in during the celebration of the Automobile Lounge.


The Automobile Lounge will take place in Barcelona from the 11th to the 19th of May, and like all fairs and shows, both for exhibitors and visitors, these events tend to be very tiring, and at the end of the day you just have a giant desire to get to your hotel to rest.

For this reason we know that what you need is a hotel near the Automobile Lounge, but if in addition to having the hotel near the Automobile Lounge you have reserved a suite with Jacuzzi for your stay, your passage through Barcelona to the Automobile Lounge is going to be excellent.


At Hotel H we offer to all those who are looking for a hotel near the Automobile Lounge he best suites with jacuzzi in the city.

Our suites with Jacuzzi are characterized for being spacious rooms, with an elegant, modern and modern decoration, extra-large beds and spacious and dynamic Jacuzzi.


In our hotel near the Automobile Lounge, besides offering you the most spectacular suites with jacuzzi, we offer and have all kinds of services: Wifi, coffee services, payment bar, air conditioning, individual heating, private bathroom, a safe.


Also, if after the whole day in the Automobile you are tired and don’t want to go out to dinner, and the only thing you want is to go to your suite with jacuzzi, in our hotel near the Automobile Lounge you will be able to eat what you want, no matter what time it is, since our kitchen is open 24h.

Don’t think twice, if you are looking for a hotel near the Automobile Lounge, Hotel H and our suites with jacuzzi are all you need.

Hotel Barcelona para el día del trabajador

At last, the day which represents us is approaching, the day of the worker. We finally get to enjoy a well deserved rest. In Hotel H, we see no better option than spending a nice evening in our hotel in Barcelona with suites with jacuzzi.


We know that on this year it falls on a Wednesday, and that celebrating a day during the middle of the week seems more complicated. But now there are no valid excuses, a night in a hotel in Barcelona is our reward for every day of the year that we have spent working hard, getting up early, and/or arrive home late, the reward for all these days where we end up with headache, backache or both, ending the weeks tired, starting every Monday wanting Friday to already arrive, and every Sunday seeing going to bed as a chore.


For all these reasons and a thousand more which you probably are thinking about as you read this article, we want to propose a celebration as the occasion deserves, a night in a hotel in Barcelona, but not just at any hotel, in Hotel H we suggest you to enjoy a stay in a hotel in Barcelona with spectacular suites with Jacuzzi, to enjoy and relax, as you deserve, and with total intimacy to romantically enjoy the experience which our suites with jacuzzi can offer.


In addition to the suites with jacuzzi, in our hotel in Barcelona, we offer the possibility of enjoying this experience in a suite with jacuzzi, but with the system of rooms by the hour, paying only for the hours that you will spend enjoying our suites with jacuzzi.

With rooms by the hour system, there is no valid excuse, a day is a day, and a few hours are only a few hours.


If you don’t feel like enjoying the rooms by the hour system and you are not sure on what to do during this special Wednesday, worry not, as you can postpone or bring forward the celebration of the worker’s day and come on a Friday or Saturday instead to enjoy our suites with jacuzzi.

Don’t think twice and contact us to make your reservation!

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