At Hotel H Granollers we already have a charging point for electric cars


In Hotel H we are proud to present you our last novelty, and it is that we do a step more to take care of our planet and we adapt our parking to all those clients who, like us, have a more ecological way of life, driving an electric car.

At Hotel H Granollers, apart from enjoying our suites with jacuzzi or rooms by the hour, you will have the opportunity to park your electric car at an electric charging point in our car park.

And so while you enjoy your stay in our rooms by the hour or in some of our suites with jacuzzi, you can recharge your car, so you don’t run into problems on your way back.

It may be annoying to have to wait halfway through the journey to charge your car when you can leave your departure point (Hotel H) with the car fully charged.

Another problem you avoid when charging your car in our Hotel H in Granollers, is to be suffering during the trip if you find a charging point before the car stops working for lack of electricity.

Now without the need to stay at the Hotel H Granollers, just with a drink in our bar, you can charge your car at our charging point, no need to book.


In our parking you will find two connectors of the following models:

-TYPE 2 220V / 32A / 7.00kW

-Tesla Dest. Charger (Mod S) 220V / 32A / 22.00kW

And at our reception you can request cable type 1 and type 2, and there is also a Schuko connection.


We look forward to your visit so you can enjoy this and a thousand other advantages that has our Hotel H located in Granollers.

And if you want to book now, contact us and we will be delighted to help you!

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